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The children have really enjoyed their time in the garden over the last few weeks and they have proven themselves to be such super helpers when it comes to maintaining our allotment.

We decided that the most important thing about gardening is being safe. We use lots of tools and equipment so we need to know how to handle them correctly and what to do when we have finished.

Firstly, the children cleared out the overgrown areas and removed weeds and any plants that had stopped growing now that it is Autumn. “The leaves have gone brown and falling on the floor” said Freddie.

“The sunflower is falling” said Noah when he spotted the sunflower drooping now that the flowering period is over.

Once the allotment was clear, the next important job to do was to chose which vegetables to plant which would successfully grow in Autumn and Winter.

Aiman chose “orange gloves” to wear to keep her hands clean.

Freddie said “Let’s plant some seeds, I don’t like onions, but I will put some seeds in and watch them grow!”

Noah said “Oooo! I like planting. I will chose cauliflower!” He also thought that “The seeds are small and black”

Oskar asked for more “soil please!” as he was filling his pot

When the children finished planting their seeds, they carefully placed the pots in our greenhouse. Each day they have been taking it in turns to water the plants and check the pots for any signs of growth!

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