Making ‘The Three Bear’s Porridge’

This afternoon, in cooking, the children in ARP wanted to see what porridge tasted like. They have been reading the story about Goldilocks and today they worked together to make porridge with fresh fruit and strawberry jam.

First, we mixed together the milk and the porridge oats in a saucepan.

Next we put the saucepan on the heat so that the milk and oat could mix together to make a porridge. We made sure we stirred it carefully.

After that, we chose our favourite fruits and chopped them up ready to go into our porridge.

Then, Miss Rea put the porridge into our bowls and left them to cool a little so they were not too hot like Daddy bear’s!

We added our fruit and some strawberry jam and when it was ‘just right’ we ate it all up – just like Goldilocks! We couldn’t wait too long, or it would have been too cold like Mummy bear’s!

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