Variety is the spice of life!

How To Get Kids To Try New Foods | Annabel Karmel

This week, our focus for home learning is all about being adventurous! We would like to you try foods that you may not normally try.   

Tips to Help Your Child Try New Foods - You are Mom

Ideas for parents:   

Allow the children to be playful with their food to reduce anxieties – squash it, smell it, lick it, mouth it, take bites, chew and if they are brave, swallow it!  You could even make a picture out of food.  

Inspiring our children to try new foods! | Autism Treatment Center of  America Blog

You may like to try some baking or making a new recipe. This will allow the children to see what goes into their food.  

Ask the children – is it sweet, salty, spicy?  Crunchy or soft?  Would they like to eat it again? Maybe the adults could teach them where is has come from or how it is made!  

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Show us your home learning task by uploading a piece of work to your journal on Seesaw.  You might like to add some photos, record a video or tell us about your task in a voice note. 

Taking turns

This week, our focus for home learning will be taking turns. You can do this in lots of ways, either with your siblings or your parents at home.

You can play a board game at home, where you need to wait for your turn while other have their turn.

You may need to share the computer or television with somebody at home, so you will wait until it is your turn and then let them have their turn after.

You might go for a walk to the park to play where you may need to wait your turn for the slide.

Remember you can send in pictures of you taking turns and we can celebrate them on our blog.