Golden Moments

Since we have come back after the half term break, The children in ARP have been working extremely hard.

Last week’s superstars were Isaac and Freddie. Isaac has been showing super recognition of his phonic sounds and is always trying his best in all lessons. Well done Isaac! We are very proud of Freddie in ARP for always showing his good sitting in the classroom. Super thinking all the time – Well done Freddie!

Aiman and Carlo have amazed Miss Rea in the classroom this week with their fabulous teamwork skills to help each other with their Maths work. Great work!

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This week, Brody has been a real superstar. He has worked so hard in his reading, phonics and his maths and wowed all of the adults he works with. Brody is a fabulous friend who is always thinking of others and always uses beautiful manners. Well done Brody!

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Feed the birds!

This afternoon, we went to the woods to make some bird feeders for the birds. We used pipe cleaners and Cheerio cereal to make our feeders. We carefully threaded the cheerios onto the pipe cleaner until we couldn’t get any more on. The grown ups helped us to tie them so none would fall off and we hung them on the trees. Next week we shall see if the birds enjoyed their food.


Over the last few weeks, the children in ARP 1 have been having lots of fun learning their song for Harvest – Big Red Combine Harvester. They have learnt the actions to the song to help them remember.

As part of our Art this week, we painted our very own big, red combine harvesters and made them into headbands ready for our performance.

We went over to the gym on Wednesday to record our singing and signing. There were pretty flashing lights there while we performed. Don’t we look great in our headbands!

The access code will be given to parents so they can watch the performance.

Well done everyone!